The real MMM – Money Management Methods.

The weather was just perfect and the mood we were both in couldn’t have been better. 
Myself and Patrick ( my new friend and a Co-resident in the estate where I live ) had talked and shared experiences of the good old days for more than an hour !
We had laughed without limits and enjoyed every bit of the time until his phone rang: ” Honey, where are you? ” it was his wife and his attention was needed in the house. 
Hmmmmm, my guy make I enter see wetin this woman dey call me for abeg. We shook hands as I watched the grin on his face disappeared into a frown. 
Got to my flat and met the doors locked with an unusual silence around my very busy and noisy apartment. It was a Sunday evening and the last time I checked, there was no discussion with my wife about any outing with the children: more so, all the cars were neatly parked and in their slots.
Where on earth could they have gone? I almost could taste the adrenaline that poured in my mouth. I guess my frowns were more than I saw on Patrick’s face a while ago.
I was confused and in between fear and anger, I made a call to my wife’s line. Good enough, it rang and she picked and in very low tones I asked ” sweetie, where are you and the kids?”  
[ Someone is angry now, right?] You want to know what happened? Don’t worry. Nothing happened. 
They were in a party within the estate and I was asked to come over too. I did! But guess what? It was at Patrick’s flat!
He apparently did not remember that there was a thanksgiving party arranged by his wife for their 12 years old son whom God had miraculously delivered from the hands of kidnappers /ritualist. 
Patrick had this mixed feeling attitude. He would sigh in between forced smiles and pretentious laughter especially when things said weren’t even funny. Now because we had become friends, I called him aside and asked what was the matter?
 He was glad I did and he started explaining to me the non-relevance of this party and how his wife had arm twisted him and gone ahead to waste this money all in the name of thanksgivings.
He had barely finished when his wife who had been eavesdropping walked in screaming:  No, NOT AGAIN! 
Yeah, me too! 
I got to know that I was the third person Patrick had complained to within an hour! Wao! This must be really hurting for him and so I pulled him out to hear the complete story. 
My wife does not know how to manage money. Look at the big people and heavy dignitaries she invited. Look at the expensive food and drinks she served? 
How do we do business like this if we spend all of these monies on just thanksgiving? 
Can’t you see that she’s a spendthrift and has no idea of how to manage money? 
How can a business survive like this? Etc.
I had another one hour with Patrick, teaching him on the merits of this party and the several benefits that can accrue to them on their business. He looked at me as one whose throat was dried and near death in the desert and was offered a bucket of cold, clean water. 
He understood all I said, knew they were achievable and thanked me. Again, his phone rang, it was his wife: ” Honey where are you?” Festy, abeg make I go see this babe o.
This time, I saw a grin on his face that broadened into smiles. We didn’t shake hands, we hugged and walked back together laughing as hard as we did earlier!
Smiling abi?……………………..
You are probably wondering what we discussed or what I taught him? 
Don’t worry! It’s your turn to know. 
Just sign up with me and my friend Nnamdi on the 30th of this month on a WhatsApp Conference as we open up the real MMM – Money Management Methods.
Date: Tuesday 31st October 2017.
Time : 8pm
Venue: Whatsapp. 
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Festus ( The Coach )

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