I don’t believe you should look for your passion.


Well, that’s my opinion and I am sticking to it.


There is so much pressure from many experts, motivational speakers, etc pushing people to

“Follow their passion”.

“Find your passion”.

“Turn your passion to profit”


Experience has shown me that a lot of people who are passionate about nothing.

This is actually not out of a lack of trying.

The passion isn’t just there.


Others feel they are passionate about everything but cannot focus on one thing.

(You know the confusion of having too many clothes and still not having any one to wear….. Yes ladies, I am talking to you.)


I say stop looking for your passion or trying to pick one.


Look at your knowledge, experiences, expertise and gifts.


Pick a business that you can apply any of these to and go for it.


Trust me, the passion will locate you as you GROW YOUR BUSINESS.


I found this great video on PASSION by Mike Rowe and I totally agree with him.


Click here to see the 5 minute video (Watch video)


It may just be exactly what you need to here today.



Nnamdi Ibe is a highly motivated and results driven operations and marketing professional with over 13 years’ experience in various organizations and is currently a Senior Partner at Excel & Grace Consulting, a firm that helps startups and growing businesses create systems, structures, develop their human capital and manage the financial capital.

He is an entrepreneur, a business consultant, the initiator and Co-founder of the MSME Connect Community.

MSME CONNECT brings together young Nigerian entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs with the objective of shared learning experiences that drive individual and collective success.

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