Customers…..Should your employees care?


Last week, a scheduled training for a client had to be done in the presence of customers to ensure all staff participated.

While preparing to start, I noticed some customers were seriously engaged in a Television program on Africa Magic.
“Turn off the TV” I said to one of the staff “So we could begin our training”.

He quickly put the television off, and everyone turned to me eager to learn including the customers.

“Did you take permission from these CUSTOMERS before turning the TV off?” I asked.

You know that “You don send me message, now you use am dey judge me” look…..

He gave me the elder brother to that look.

“There happen to be 5 customers here, did you get their PERMISSION before turning off the TV?”

There was no answer required.

Every ACTION taken by you and your employees leaves an impression on your customers.




You may not be able to control all the actions of your employees, but you can make them take control of their actions.

Begin by developing BUSINESS PROCESSES that show them how things are done in your business to consistently get the same result.

Examples MARKETING Process, CUSTOMER SERVICE Process, PRODUCTION Process, ACCOUNTING Process, etc.

Secondly, when people KNOW BETTER, they DO BETTER. 

Improve their capacity not only on how to do their jobs, but how to live better lives.

It will have tremendous impact on your employees, on your customers and your business.

Do have a great week.


Nnamdi Ibe is a highly motivated and results driven operations and marketing professional with over 14 years’ experience in various organizations and is currently a Senior Partner at Excel & Grace Consulting, a firm that helps startups and growing businesses create systems, structures, develop their human capital and manage the financial capital.

He is an entrepreneur, a business consultant, the initiator and Co-founder of the MSME Connect Community.

MSME CONNECT brings together young Nigerian entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs with the objective of shared learning experiences that drive individual and collective success.

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