“You are a very foolish man. Nonsense. Did you buy me as your slave?”

“You are a very foolish man. Nonsense. Did you buy me as your slave?”


He was so upset with her, he stormed out of the house and took the car keys.


Enveloped by his anger he drove out narrowly missing the returning gate which took out the side mirror.


The car engine screamed as he struggled to change the gear, looking for the clutch pedal and furiously banging on the steering wheel.


After 30 minutes of driving, he parked the car in the middle of the road, took out his pack of Benson, and lit one.


As he inhales and exhales, he began to calm down and took a second look at his situation.


How come I am driving a pink car? He thought to himself.


In his anger he took the keys to his wife’s car which was an automatic vehicle.


This made a little more sense now to him as all his cars were manual and he hated automatic vehicles hence the fight with the gear and imagined clutch.


To make matters worse, he realized he was in the middle of Diobu at 3am in the morning………..


PASSION is a feeling and has an intense pull just like anger.


Most entrepreneurs begin their business journey fueled by their passion for that business without really considering their destination, mode of transportation, navigator, adequate provision for fuel, etc.


They wake up one morning and find themselves at a place they don’t recognize, using a vision that doesn’t belong to them, and fully exhausted.


Does this sound like you?


Join me Nnamdi Ibe (Business consultant, Senior Partner Excel & Grace consulting and Co-Founder MSME Connect) and Emeka Nobis (Writer and Thought Leader) this weekend in Port Harcourt in our Business Mastery class where highlights will include:

• What really is your business?
• Where is it going?
• Who does the business need to take it there?
• How do you become that person?


Date: Sunday 29th October 2017
Time: 4pm.
Venue: Will be disclosed to participants only.
Registration: N7000.

[To register pay to account number: 0403171014 FCMB – Excel and Grace Integrated Services].

Then send you full name via whatsapp to 08158493030.

Number of spots: 30 people.]

The edge you have over people is determined by what you know that others don’t know (Know- l – edge).

See you on Sunday.



If you would like to speak to us regarding any challenges in your business or startup, kindly send an email to info@msmeconnect.org.

Nnamdi Ibe is a highly motivated and results driven operations and marketing professional with over 13 years’ experience in various organizations and is currently Senior Partner at Excel & Grace Consulting, a firm that helps startups and growing businesses create systems, structures, develop their human capital and manage their financial capital.

He is an entrepreneur, a business consultant, the initiator and Co-founder of the MSME Connect Community.

MSME CONNECT brings together young Nigerian entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs with the objective of shared learning experiences that drive individual and collective success.

MSME CONNECT is powered by Excel and Grace Consulting.

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